The KunstlerCast is a weekly audio program (and now a book) about “the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl.” Featuring: James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere, The Long Emergency, the World Made By Hand novels, and other books about suburbia, cities and American culture. Duncan Crary, host/producer, speaks with Kunstler weekly about the failure of suburbia and the inevitable end of this living arrangement with no future. New episodes are released Thursday nights.

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I believe a lot of people share my feelings about the tragic landscape of highway strips, parking lots, housing tracts, mega-malls, junked cities, and ravaged countryside that makes up the everyday environment where most Americans live and work.
– James Howard Kunstler,
from The Geography of Nowhere

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Description: Clips from The KunstlerCast featuring James Howard Kunstler’s thoughts on the failures of modern urban design, suburban sprawl, American culture, peak oil, alternative fuel, the impoverishment of public places, and the tasks at hand to reform commerce, schooling, trade and agriculture in our civilization. (For info on the music featured in these promos, click here.)

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KunstlerCast #213: Duncan Steps Back From the Kast

Update on the Future of the KunstlerCast

Released: August 2, 2012

Duncan and Jim update listeners on the future of the KunstlerCast now that Duncan is stepping back his role.

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The KunstlerCast Book Has Been Published

The KunstlerCast book by Duncan Crary (more info) is available through major and independent booksellers in the U.S., Canada and abroad. You can also purchase author-signed copies of the book now, directly through this website. Orders will be processed within one business day. Delivery will take 2-8 business days.


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Book Cover: The KunstlerCast, by Duncan Crary (New Society Publishers, 2011)


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