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You can help support the KunstlerCast and promote your product, website or event to a targeted audience by becoming a program sponsor.

Sponsorships are like underwriting spots on public radio. They are 30-second-long messages that promote a product, website, or event. KunstlerCast Host Duncan Crary typically reads the sponsorships, but sponsors are welcome to hire their own voice talent to create the sponsorship spot.

No more than two spoken word sponsorships “air” on a single episode of the KunstlerCast. The first slot is called the “pre-roll” because it occurs at the very beginning of the program, before the intro music begins to play. The second sponsorship slot is called the “mid-roll” and it occurs immediately before the listener calls and/or signoff.


Pre-Roll Mid-Roll
$125 – Single Episode $100 – Single Episode
$400 – Four Episodes $300 – Four Episodes

[Note: Mid-roll sponsorships are only available for episodes that feature a pre-roll sponsorship. Ask about our premium sponsorship package.]

In addition to the spoken word sponsorship on the KunstlerCast, sponsors also receive a display ad on the KunstlerCast website. As you can see in the chart below, at least 60 percent of the KunstlerCast audience listens online.


To purchase a sponsorship, inquire about availability or for more information, contact KunstlerCast Host/Producer Duncan Crary at 518-274-2723. Or send an email to: 

Note: The KunsterCast reserves the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason.

Payment Methods

Sponsors can pay by check, credit card or PayPal. Sponsors are billed by Duncan Crary Communications, the official advertising rep of The KunstlerCast and

Additional Information

By Week
By Month

Week Start Listens
3/7/10 10,185
3/14/10 10,306
3/21/10 10,365
3/28/10 10,266
4/4/10 11,582
Month Listens
7/09 43,557
8/09 49,788
9/09 44,788
10/09 46,075
11/09 41,882
12/09 46,871
1/10 45,979
2/10 41,802
3/10 44,130

Previous Sponsors:

A land planning and consulting firm.

Chelsea Green
Publisher of “Waiting on a Train” by James McCommons.

Grinning Planet
Website providing real news in a free weekly mp3 format.

Revolution Hall
Performing Arts Center with a 21st century sound system in a 19th Century setting.
Online provider of audio books and spoken word entertainment.

The Agroinnovations Podcast
Interivews on fair trade, conservation, permaculture, and healthy alternatives to factory farming.

The Congress for The New Urbanism
Top professional organization promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development.

The Law Office of Paul C. Rapp
Specializing in intellectual property law.

New Society Publishers
The leading publisher of peak oil thinkers.

Planetizen Press
Offering $5 discount for 2-DVD set The Story of Sprawl. Discount Code: Fiesta

Post Carbon Institute
The world’s leading think tank dedicated to getting society off fossil fuels fast.
Online courses about preparing for life after cheap oil.

The Stakeholders, Inc.
Promoting sustainable communities in New York’s Capital Region.