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KunstlerCast Book:

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I lived in lies all my life,
And I’ve been living here for a long, long time,
I know it’s been coming down a while now.

— John J McCauley III, Deer Tick
“Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)”


There’s a passage in Moby-Dick where Herman Melville compares two lone whaling ships crossing the Pacific to strangers crossing the “illimitable Pine Barrens of New York State.” If these travelers were to encounter each other in such inhospitable wilds, he explains, it would be natural for them to give “mutual salutation” and stop for a while to interchange their news of the world. In whaling argot, this is called a “gam.”

More than a century and a half has passed since Melville wrote those words, and little remains of the “illimitable Pine Barrens” he described on the outskirts of Albany. But the place has become a new kind of wilderness that is equally inhospitable to this traveler. It is a terrain of parking lots, shopping malls, subdivisions and highways. It is a geography of nowhere that stretches from the edge of my town to yours. But we will not be adrift here alone forever.

Kunstler will be here soon. And when he arrives, we’ll have ourselves a gam.


KunstlerCast Book Cover

Paperback – 320 pages 6 Inches × 6 Inches (w × h) Weight: 261 Grams Publisher: New Society Publishers ISBN: 9780865716933 Pub. Date: 2011-11-15


The KunstlerCast book, by Duncan Crary, will be available through US and Canadian booksellers in late November. However, you can purchase copies of the book now, through this website. Orders will be processed within one business day. Delivery will take 2-8 business days.  In the future other purchase options (Amazon, Money Order) will be offered.


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