These are short KunstlerCast promo clips with Jim talking over music. Please note some of these are quite old and my recording equipment (and engineering skills) are much better. And some spots are louder than others. But they’re still pretty good and you get the idea. What I could do is produce some 30-60 second spots for CNU featuring the various players, using recordings from previous events. I can add “podsafe” music if it works. I could also produce a spot or two with JHK talking about/praising CNU.

KunstlerCast Promo 01

KunstlerCast Promo 02

KunstlerCast Promo 03

KunstlerCast Promo 04

KunstlerCast Promo 05

KunstlerCast: Promo 06

KunstlerCast: Promo 07

This was a paid sponsorship of the KunstlerCast featuring one of the teachers from an online school. I could do something similar to this for CNU but with some better recordings (not over the phone).

KunstlerCast: Post Peak Living Sponsor Feat. Carolyn Baker

These are some clips from talks I recorded at CNU. We could go through the archive and really pull some tight quotes to use in a sponsorship spot.

KunstlerCast: CNU Clips

These are some clips from interviews I recorded at CNU.

KunstlerCast: CNU Clips – Car Share

This is a fun “podcast ID” that I produced for a previous podcast program. It’s short and features some very famous voices. CNU could record some “IDs” for The KunstlerCast if you want. What might work best is if you recorded an “outro” bumper that plays right after the main portion of the show is over and before the listener calls and my sign-off. i.e. “This is ____ from the Congress for the New Urbanism and you’ve been listening to the KunstlerCast. We hope to see you this May at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach.”

Humanist Network News: Podcast ID