The Rise, Decline, Revitalization and Future of One American City

Released: July 17, 2008.

James Howard Kunstler often describes Saratoga Springs N.Y. as a classic Main Street American town. In part one of this special program, we take to the streets of Saratoga to experience the sense of place in this small city. Kunstler brings us from the busy sidewalks along Broadway to a sidestreet leading to a major urban infill project. He explains the urban sensibilities of the 19th century structures, points out the boneheaded decisions of the 1960s one-story development, and the promising efforts of mid-1990s new urbanism.


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Kunstler Saratoga Springs
James Howard Kunstler on Broadway in Downtown Saratoga Springs

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Note: You can change the camera view by grabbing the image with your mouse. If you click the view larger map link above, the route will appear highlighted in blue.

Part 1 Start: 402 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

> Turn left (west) at Division St.

Continue west on Division St to Railroad Pl

End Part 1

> Part 2 Start: Turn left (southwest) on Railroad Pl

Continue southwest/south on Railroad Pl to RT-29/Washington St.

> Turn left (east) on RT-29/Washington St.

Continue east on Washington Street to Broadway

End Part 2