Empty Spaces in the Streetscape

Released: Dec. 18, 2008

James Howard Kunstler explains the negative effects that empty building lots have on the urban streetscape. These empty spaces or “missing teeth” are dead zones that are repellent to pedestrians. But, at the moment, our car crazy society prefers to keep those dead zones for surface parking rather than to infill them with good urban buildings. During the second half of the program Kunstler speaks face-to-face with Troy, N.Y. Mayor Harry Tutunjian about what to do with the empty space that will be left behind after the city demolishes its current City Hall. Plans for the soon-to-be empty lot include an underground parking garage with grass on top. The mayor says that the lawn will allow access to the Hudson River and provide scenic views of the river from Broadway. Kunstler argues that the building lot should be completely occupied by a good urban building, like a new city hall.

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Note: Use Google Street View to view City Hall and Monument Square in Troy NY. Use the cursor to examine this outdoor public room:

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