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A Staged Reading

Released: Jan. 29, 2010.


On today’s podcast, we present the first act of “Big Slide,” an original three-act play by James Howard Kunstler. Set in the autumn of an unspecified near-future year, at an Adirondack “great camp,” this is the story of three generations of the Freeman family who have taken refuge from New York and Boston during a severe national political maelstrom. Though we are never fully apprised of the exact nature of this event, it appears that a coup d’etat has occurred in the White House and local militias have risen up all over the nation in response. The estate at Big Slide is isolated from these events, but the electricity has stopped working and, apparently, the law enforcement has, too.

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Staged reading of “Big Slide” at the MUCCC, Rochester NY. Photos by Carl Pultz.

About the Staged Reading:

“Big Slide” was first performed as a staged reading on January 9, 2010 in Rochester, NY, as part of the Multi-use Community Cultural Center’s American Playwright series. The event was introduced by James Howard Kunstler and recorded by KunstlerCast host/producer Duncan Crary.

Roger Gans, Kevin Indovino, Ira Simel, Micky Markert, Diane Chevron, Jeff Moon, Denise & Don Bartalo, Fiona Criddle, Gavin Price, Meredith Powell, Allan O’Grady Cuseo, Tommy Mastrangelo, Jeff Andrews and Peter Elliott.

Produced by: John Borek

Directed and Narrated by: Michael Arve

Promotional Artwork by: Louis Podlaski


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