Google Street Views of B’more

Released: April 1, 2010.

James Howard Kunstler continues his virtual “walking” tour/commentary of Baltimore, Maryland. In this tour, he inspects the light rail system, the water taxi and market place in historic Fell’s Point neighborhood, and a new urbanist-influenced condo-harbor district. He concludes the tour at the Legg Mason building, a particularly bad skyscraper where JHK delivered a breakfast talk recently to a group of community stakeholders. Kunstler considers buildings like this to be a future liability as energy supplies grow scarce.

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(20 MB | 31:27 mins.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Hover your mouse over the Google Street View windows below. Click the arrows on the window to move up and down the street. Click the window and move your mouse to change your perspective. Use the +/- symbols to zoom in our out. Click the box in the right-hand corner for full screen view. Specific instructions are beneath each window.

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Destination 1: W. Baltimore St & N. Howard St.

Start: 2:00 Mins.

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ABOVE: Head north on N. Howard St. The building with the blank wall facing the street is listed as 79 N. Howard St., next to the Bank of America. Inspect the Light Rail past intersectin with W. Fayette St.

Destination 2: Condo/Harbor District – Corner of S. Eden Street and Lancaster St.

Start: 7:27 mins.

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ABOVE: Head east on Lancaster St. Inspect condo buildings on left side, and waterway on right. Turn right at S Caroline St., inspect “green” rooftop on building on right side of street.

Destination 3: Fell’s Point – 906 S. Broadway to Aliceanna St

Start: 13:27 mins.

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ABOVE: Head north on S. Broadway, turn left on Thames St., turn right on S. Broadway and head north. Turn right on Lancaster St. Turn left on S. Broadway and head north. Remaining market building is in median to left.

Destination 3: (Continued) Lancaster St.

Start: 18:03 Mins

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ABOVE: Head east on Lancaster St. inspect the buildings on left and right.

Destination 4: Legg Mason Building

Start: 20:32 Mins

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ABOVE: Approach the Legg Mason building on the right, grab the screen with the mouse, scroll up and behold the monotony grandiosity of this stupid building.


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