JHK Critiques Ed Glaeser’s Ideas on Urbanism

Released: July 7, 2011.

JHK continues his critique of the ideas in Ed Glaeser’s best-selling book Triumph of the City by using excerpts from a talk the Harvard economist gave during the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU 19). Though Glaeser is an advocate for cities in general, Kunstler feels that the shape and character of future cities is not going to be what Glaeser is expecting at all. Kunstler addresses Glaeser’s ideas about transportation subsidies, high-rise buildings, the value of college educated citizens and environmentally friendly urbanism. He also comments on Glaeser’s thoughts about Buffalo, New York.


Ed Glaeser: Can Buffalo Ever Come Back?

CNU Dispatch: Ed Glaeser is Still a Jackass


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