Madison, WI: Bike City USA

Released: July 28, 2011.


This week James Howard Kunstler gets a much deserved break from podcasting, while Duncan explores the topic of bicycle sharing and tours the city of Madison, Wisc. First he speaks to Jason McDowell, projects & logistics manager for B-Cycle, a bicycle sharing company with programs throughout the country. With bicycle sharing, users can pick up and drop off bicycles throughout the city. Next, Duncan heads out into the streets of Madison with Matt Dellinger, author of Interstate 69 and blogger for WNYC’s Transportation Nation. Bicycle advocate Robbie Webber gives Duncan and Matt a bicycle tour of Madison, starting with the Dane County Farmer’s Market. Madison is a very bicycle friendly city, with a robust network of bike paths and bicycle amenities. This episode was recorded during the Congress for the New Urbanism in June.



Transportation Nation


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Google Map of bike tour route