Spiritual Warfare in the American Long Emergency

Released: Oct. 6, 2011

There’s a crazy Christian cult on the rise in the US and JHK believes Americans needs to watch out. The New Apostolic Reformation is a dangerous movement exerting its influence on the American political sphere during a time when this country is so fraught with problems that we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to being pushed around by crazy people like this, Kunstler says. The group — which has connections to presidential candidates Rick Perry and Michele Bachman — not only believes in literal devils but that certain American politicians are afflicted by these demons. More concerning is their belief in dominionism over all aspects of American culture, politics and business. The “apostles” claim to speak directly to God and feel they have a mission to convert all the people of the world (particularly the Jews) to Christianity. Kunstler sees this group, and others like it, becoming more troublesome as The Long Emergency unfolds. He can imagine that the country may find itself in a new Civil War in the years ahead. During the conversation JHK also describes his experiences reporting on religious cults, his own thoughts on religion as an agnostic, and explains how the story of the New Apostolic Reformation may resemble some of the aspects in his fictional World Made By Hand novels. [Main discussion begins: 5:04 mins.]

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Note: This episode contains cursewords

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