The Residue of Pre-industrial Artistry and Craft

Released: June 11, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler addresses some issues regarding historic preservation. Kunstler supports historic preservation, because adaptive reuse is part of what makes the great European cities so rewarding to be in. According to Kunstler, the historic preservation movement really ramped up in the U.S. after the destruction of Penn Station in New York City. At times the historic preservation movement has gotten hysterical to save any scrap of anything built before WWII. But Kunstler believes that hysteria is understandable when one considers that modern Americans do not create buildings that are as good as the old buildings we are losing. Other topics include facade preservation, cheap cladding, a return of traditional building materials, passive heating, cooling and energy conservation.

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Google Street Views of Buildings Discussed in this Podcast

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Proctor’s Troy, NY

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Wellington Row, Albany, NY

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Elk Street, Albany NY

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