Is JHK Daniel?

Released: Feb. 11, 2010.

On today’s podcast, James Howard Kunstler answers questions from the cast members and audience after the staged reading of “Big Slide,” an original three-act play by James Howard Kunstler. An audience member asks Kunstler if his character “Tom” was meant to be an African-American. A cast member asks if the character “Daniel” is named after the biblical prophet and if perhaps “Daniel” is actually Jim himself. Another castmember asks why he chose theater for as a medium for this story.

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Staged reading of “Big Slide” at the MUCCC, Rochester NY. Photos by Carl Pultz. 


About the Staged Reading:

“Big Slide” was first performed as a staged reading on January 9, 2010 in Rochester, NY, as part of the Multi-use Community Cultural Center’s American Playwright series. The event was introduced by James Howard Kunstler and recorded by KunstlerCast host/producer Duncan Crary.

Roger Gans, Kevin Indovino, Ira Simel, Micky Markert, Diane Chevron, Jeff Moon, Denise & Don Bartalo, Fiona Criddle, Gavin Price, Meredith Powell, Allan O’Grady Cuseo, Tommy Mastrangelo, Jeff Andrews and Peter Elliott.

Produced by: John Borek

Directed and Narrated by: Michael Arve

Promotional Artwork by: Louis Podlaski


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